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 `The Vapour Bar` was an idea thought up by my husband and I, because back in 2011 online sales did not have the face to face personal service that a new product like e-cigarettes required, It can be so confusing and can easily put you off vaping without even trying it first, and with the wrong advice, a lot a cash could be spent, and before you know it, you are back to smoking cigarettes again, just because you were sold the wrong product in the first place..

    When we started vaping in early November 2011, all our purchases were researched on line by endless hours of surfing forums and online sales departments, gathering more and more information on products that we tried to source to suit our lifestyle, we even spent a small fortune trying different liquids and flavours just to find our `daily vape`, all because there was no shop anywhere near us to try them out before we purchased.
All of what we have found was that if you are new to vaping, you are taking a giant leap into the unknown..

Here at `The Vapour Bar` you can drop in for a chat, try a few juices and take a look at the products and get the advice that will suit your lifestyle, which is something very difficult to assess on-line!!... With just a few questions on your smoking habits, we can put you on the right road to the wonderful world of vaping and get you switched from smoking .. for GOOD !!!..
To be on the right road, all you need to do is click `HERE`  for a guide to which Mg level the nicotine should be contained in your juice for that feeling of satisfaction ..
In March 2013 we opened our first store
26 King Street, Ulverston  La12 7DZ ..  01229 - 588222.

In April 2014 we opened our second store
226 Dalton Road, Barrow-in-Furness  La14 1PN..  01229 - 836855.

And in June 2015 we opened our third store
5-6 New Oxford Street, Workington  Ca14 2NA..  01900 267373 .

New modern stores with friendly fully trained staff to care for all your needs..