Up to a Basket total of £19.99           costs £2.50 - 1st Class Royal Mail

         A Basket total from £20.00            costs £4.20 - 1st Class `Signed for`

          A Basket total from £60.00            1st Class `Signed for` -  FREE

       A Basket total from £150.00         costs £7.50 Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day Before 1.00pm 


Please Read Below the terms and conditions of shipping .. Please remember "Signed for" is proof of delivery and is not tracked in transit , it will only provide proof of delivery by way of a photo of the signature of the recipient and the address/location of the final placement of the package .

Please Note -  All `Individual` one off Items for example "Stabilised Wood Items" may take an extra day to ship as those items are not held in the main shipping store in Ulverston, but located in a central warehouse and can take up to 24 hours to transfer those items to the Ulverston Store and prepare ready for shipping ..

Cut Off Times For Ordering ?

The Ulverston Store is the main internet shipping store, there will be no items shipped on Wednesdays and Sundays as the store is closed and will be shipped the very next day. Orders confirmed by us and paid before 1.00pm will be shipped that day - except Saturdays when items will be shipped if ordered, confirmed and paid before 10.00am, after this time it will be the first available working day..

Any other orders confirmed and paid for during bank holidays or company shut downs will be shipped next available working day ....


When Will I Receive My Items ?

We will always try to ship for the quickest delivery possible but once in the hands of Royal Mail we are unable to guarantee next day delivery as "1st Class Royal Mail" state up to 5 working days for delivery .

 "1st Class Signed for" you can only receive information of signature and time of delivery with a photo of the document, it is not an "in transit" tracking system but only a proof of delivery, and again it is up to 5 working days for delivery .

Special Delivery is Guaranteed next day before 1.00pm But please remember the main shipping Store Ulverston, is closed Wednesdays and Sundays, no orders will be dispatched until next working day.

All `Individual` one off Items for example "Stabilised Wood Items" may take an extra day to ship as those items are not held in the main shipping store in Ulverston, but located in a central warehouse and can take up to 24 hours to transfer those items to the Ulverston Store and prepare ready for shipping.

Please check above for the cut off times and take into account if you pass the cut off time, your order will be shipped on the next working day . 


Goods Received Broken ?

In the event of your received items broken OR damaged then please contact us immediately. The responsibility for safe carriage of your goods lies with the postal service but as the sender we will resolve any issues you may have, and by opening up an investigation we can resolve the issue with the postal service ourselves. The Vapour Bar packs all goods for shipping carefully and in line with the items inside, all glass items are wrapped and double bagged for safe shipping and CLEARLY marked as "FRAGILE" several times on the parcel. The package is handed to the post office in perfect condition and once in their possession the package becomes the responsibility of the postal service, however if the items received are damaged due to a manufacture fault then please contact us and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
The Vapour Bar are not accountable for any loss or damage whilst in transit with the postal service.
The Vapour Bar is not responsible for any injuries due to damaged goods received.


Goods Not Received ?

The Royal Mail Protocol in this event is set out and printed below for you to read
Royal Mail state that they are unable to class any items as lost stolen or missing until 15 working days have passed. If after the 7 working days have passed we are able to open a case and investigate the missing item with Royal Mail theft and lost investigation team, We will contact your local delivery office with your details to speak with them about the missing / stolen post and they can begin there investigation which normally takes around 5 days. `Signed for` items are only tracked to the address on the account and a copy of signature can be forwarded. Please note that tracking numbers will not give info of whereabouts or expected time of delivery but only give confirmation of `shipped to` address and signature. but before we do any investigation to non received goods please check all of the following below :
The item is not in a safe place on your property.
The item has not been delivered to neighbours.
The item is not awaiting collection at your delivery office (Please be aware Royal Mail should card you, but we have found that sometimes they do not, so please check at your local Post Office for any awaiting post).
A family member has taken delivery of the item and not told you.
If you have checked all the above and allowed up to 7 working days for the item to arrived please reply with the information we need to start the investigation(see below), We can then open the case and get your issue resolved..
1. Your full name.
2. Your Order Number ( the #4 digit number on your invoice ).
3. Your full delivery address including postal code.
4. Your full contact phone number and/or mobile phone number.
5. Your local delivery office details including address if possible ( This is where you would collect items if carded by royal mail ).
Thank you for your time and we apologies for any inconvenience caused and we promise to resolve your issue to you satisfaction.
PLEASE NOTE - `The Vapour Bar` Ltd has no responsibility of non received items if any information was incorrect on your account at the time of shipping . Your Name and postal address including post code information must be correct within your web account prior to shipping.


Can I Contact You ?

Of course, If you have any questions then contact John at the Ulverston Store either by phone 01229 - 588222 

or by E-mail  HERE .

PLEASE NOTE - Ulverston store is closed Wednesdays and Sundays.