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Haka Tester - Volts - Ohms - Watts By Oakley


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Oakley HaKa Tester
Ohms (unlimited)
Watts (unlimited)

Easy to use. This is an in-line device that fits between your battery (eGo or any Mod with a 510 connection, it should work well also with 808 devices if you use an 808 to 510 adaptor). You can test your atomizer's resistance, battery voltage and wattage in real time. Press in the fire button and the LED screen rotates through all the test settings. The item being tested lights up next to the etched markings on the side of the unit.

Voltage Reading: 3-15V
Ohms Reading: 0.01-9.99 (essentially unlimited)
Wattage Reading: Unlimited
Smart LED design
Accuracy: +/- 0.04%
Length: 40.5mm (this is length without connection areas, total length is 55.3mm)
Diameter: 14mm
Weight: 16g

Screw tester onto your eGo/510 Mod
Screw atomiser onto the opposite end of the tester (tester has eGo threading also)
Power on your electronic cigarette or mod
Hold down the power button on your mod/e-cig and the tester will display real-time voltage, resistance and wattage

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