Platinum Blend Cotton by Native Wicks
Platinum Blend Cotton by Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton by Native Wicks UK

Platinum Blend Cotton by Native Wicks


Native Wicks began with a simple idea, create the highest quality best performing wicking material. Since the release of our original Pima and with much gratitude to our loyal customers, we've become a world leader in high quality cotton wicking material. Over a year later after heavy R & D with one fo the largest cotton manufacturers in the U.S, we've created Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton, a proprietary blend of multiple fibers, to enhance absorbency, wicking potential and maximize cleanliness.

Our secret proprietary blend of multiple fibers increase flavor, absorption and durability. Resulting in absolutely ZERO break in period. The purest for the purists. Easy to use and does not collapse! Enhance the flavor of your juice and increase vapor production. Amazing wicking properties for the most demanding builds!

Native Wicks "Platinum Blend" re-inventing the way you wick again with our long lasting clean tasting cotton. The new standard of vaping today and far into the future.

Made in the U.S.A
Revolutionary Large Fiber Blend for Low Resistance Builds
Extremely Absorbent and Durable
Increased Wicking Ability and Maximized Flavor
100% Lab Certified Clean
Manufactured in a State of the Art CGMP Certified Facility