Liquids 0mg Nicotine for people who have the habit , but not an addiction ..

Liquids 6mg nicotine for very very light users , for example less than or up to 6 cigarettes a day ..

Liquids 9mg nicotine for very light users , for example 7 - 12 cigarettes a day

Liquids 12mg nicotine very light users , for example 13 - 17 cigarettes a day .

Liquids 18mg nicotine for average users , for example 18 - 25 cigarettes a day .

Due to the new legislation of the T.R.P.R. nicotine levels are now at a maximum of 20mg in 10ml bottles .

Please note that most manufacturers are capping the limit at 18mg so our advice is, if you require a nicotine level for satisfying a habit of more than 25 cigarettes a day, then order the highest mg level and use a little more will power to overcome the higher cravings in the first few weeks until your body adapts and gets used to the lower levels of nicotine that you are receiving from your e-cigarette ..  

Juices that are in the 50/50 VG/PG and the STANDARD  range of liquids are perfect for the vapers with lower powered starter units.

Juices high in VG and low in nicotine levels are regarded more the clouding community of vapers using high powered units.