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Ceramic Tweezers By U.D. Youde

U.D. Youde

  • £12.99


The Ceramic Tip Tweezers from Youde are good quality and a very useful tool for coil building.

The precise tips can get into areas where regular tweezers can’t.

The ceramic tips of these tweezers don't conduct electricity and are heat resistant up to 1300°C, You can fire and squeeze your coils at the same time with these tweezers without shorting out your coil.

The ceramic does not act like a heat sink as is the case with metal tweezers/pliers that suck heat out of your coil if you use them to squeeze hot coils so no more scorching your hands.

Ceramic tips enable a perfect burn in with great visibility to the entire coil because they are heat and corrosion resistant. Ideal addition to your tool kit.



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