Rafale Replacement Coil By Uwell

Befitting the awesome Uwell Rafale Sub-ohm Tanks are these great new Stainless Steel (SS316) Coils.
A tank like the Rafale demands something special to make the most of it’s design and quality, so the engineers at Uwell spent months developing this great range of coils. They bring the Rafale into high wattage territory and deliver a dense flavourful vape.

Price is per coil .

You get two choices in SS316 and also a Ni200 variant exclusively for temperature control.

The first SS316 offering is the 0.5 ohm. This dual parallel vertical coil is wicked with Japanese organic cotton and is rated for use between 30 to 70W, you could take it higher but that’s pushing it !
If you want to go large, then you need to fit the 0.2 ohm Dual Parallel Coil.
This SS316 dual coil will start the party at around 60 watts and keep throwing out the clouds all the way to a massive 120W ! This plants the Rafale right up there with any big watt tank on the market, but you can be sure its competitors don’t have the same quality!

The Ni200 coil is of course ONLY for Temperature Control mods and comes in at 0.1 ohm.

 Ni200 is for temprature control devices only