Neeko RTA By Aspire UK
Neeko RTA By Aspire UK Aspire Neeko RTA UK Aspire Prestige Neeko UK

Neeko RTA By Aspire

The Neeko RTA is the first Aspire Prestige product fully designed and produced by Aspire. Constructed from premium stainless steel, with a stylish and modern body tube structure, which is made of half metal and half PSU, The Neeko RTA provides high-end results, from the clinical design and production philosophy, used on all Aspire Prestige products. Premium build-quality, numerous airflow options, and impressive flavour, are all reasons for you to embrace the epic Neeko RTA system.


• Size: 22 x 45mm

• Weight: 148g

• Capacity: 2 ml

• Material: Stainless Steel/PSU

• Filling: Top fill



• 1x Neeko RTA Tank (2 ml)

• 1x Spare Drip Tip

• 1x Spare Tank Tube (2 ml)

• 12x AFC Pins (2x 0.8mm, 2x 1.0mm, 2x 1.2mm, 2x 1.5mm, 2x 2.5mm,

• 2x 2.0mm (preinstalled)

• 1x Screwdriver

• 2x Spare Grub Screws

• 1x O-rings Pack

• 2x Rubber Bark

• 1x User Manual