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Ego Style Single Starter Set Up

The Vapour Bar

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Thinking of making the switch? Want to keep to a tight budget? The eGo v2 Lite Kit contains one 1100mah battery 3 click on/off ,USB charger and a wall plug adaptor and a small zipped case . All you need is a T.R.P.R. Compliant  Clearomizer and a bottle of favourite e-liquid and you will have all you need to start vaping and make the switch. 

1 x manual eGo-T 1100mah battery (3 click on/off for powering off the device).

1 x Wall plug adaptor (U.K.).

1 x high speed USB charger.

1 x Instruction manual.

1 x small zipped case

Due to the new U.K./ E.U. regulations we can not include the T.R.P.R. Compliant Ce4 Clearomizer in with this set up but you can find the HERE and add it to your set up.

Why not pimp your battery up with wraps HERE

Never lose your set up with a lanyard HERE

Don`t knock it over, suck it down with this holder HERE

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