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Coil Jig Kit v3 By U.D. Youde

U.D. Youde

  • £11.99

 V3 Coil Jig

This new V3 coil jig from Youde Technology takes all the hard work out of building coils and helps you make a perfect coil every time. Within the cylinder you will find all the bits you need. There are 4 coil diameter pins which include 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 3.5mm. Then you will also find a small allen key to secure your pin to prevent the coil pins moving, and a small screw which goes into your top cap to wind your coils.

To use the jig:------

1.Firstly choose the diameter of the coil and which pin you are going to use.



2.Then put the pin into the end of the jig tube and secure in place with the allen key



3.Put the little screw into the middle of the top cap



4.Then insert your wire into the slanted side whole to hold wire in place.



5.Then put the jig top onto you diameter selected with the centre screw facing the wire and turn using the screw to wind your wire for the desired amount of loops.


If you would like to spend more time vaping than building this is a great little jig which will make the perfect coils over and over again in just a couple of minutes.



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