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Ceramic Tweezers By Vapor Tech

Vapor Tech

  • £8.99

 Vetus Ceramic Tipped Tweezers

The Vapor Tech Ceramic Ceramic Tweezers features tips that are made out of ceramic. It will withstand high temperatures which is a necessity for the builder.

The ceramic tips of these tweezers don't conduct electricity and are heat resistant up to 1300°C, You can fire and squeeze your coils at the same time with these tweezers without shorting out your coil.

The ceramic does not act like a heat sink as is the case with metal tweezers/pliers that suck heat out of your coil if you use them to squeeze hot coils so no more scorching your hands.

Warning: Do not use excess force on the tip when in contact with heat as ceramic might crack and/or shatter.

No warranty on this product .

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