Cappy v4 6ml Sunbox Squonk Bottle

Food Grade Silicone bottle

AISI 316 Stainless Steel cap with catch facility 

Easy clean 

Capacity 6ml 

Made in Italy by Sunbox

Cappy V4S is the new bottle marked Sunbox, designed for bottom feeding.
We wanted to create a handy bottle use, which would last over time and with certified materials, safe for health.
Cappy V4S is composed of food-grade silicone: non-toxic, extremely soft and not subject to degradation. The elasticity of the silicone in fact guarantees both the strength of the bottle for everyday use, both a "soft touch" effect as you've never tried.
The new cap in stainless steel 316, also of food grade stainless steel, seals the bottle in a perfect manner, avoiding any undesirable leakage of liquid.
Cappy V4S is the answer to years of experience, experimentation and research in bottom feeding, the solution to all needs related to durability, convenience and capacity, without sacrificing security.