C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus
C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus C4 LP Single RDA By Asmodus

At first glance, the airflow control system might seem like your standard, run of the mill method of cooling, but we felt that we needed to add our own little twist to the tried and true dual side airflow design. Upon closer inspection, you'll see the 9 individual air inlets on either side of the sleeve are machined into the body at a slight 25º angle, creating a cyclonic airflow within the chamber that maximizes the area of the coil that is contacted by the incoming air, creating a greater amount of vapor, but more importantly, flavour, when compared to any low-profile flavor-oriented RDA on the market. A domed top cap acts to enhance this already heavenly flavor profile even further, granting the C4 a top spot in the category of flavour-oriented RDAs.
The C4 also retains the locking barrel design, using two notches machined into the base of the atomizer that perfectly mesh together with the protrusions located on the appropriate positions on the outer barrel to ensure the airflow is aligned perfectly while allowing for the airflow inlets to be adjusted without fear of misalignment. A convenient and often overlooked design element, this method of securing the top cap allows for the user to drip and replace the cap without having to pay careful attention to ensure proper alignment of the airflow and coils, with a simple twist being all that is needed to guarantee omptimal performance.
The core of the C4 RDA is the unique dual post design that places either post on the edges of the build deck, with the coil of the user's choosing being easily installed due to the wide terminal slots that use top-mounted grub hex screws to securely retain the leads without the risk of accidentally clipping them due to excessive amounts of force used to tighten the screws.
We have also machined coil alignment grooves into the walls of the deck, allowing for the rod used to hold and manipulate the coil to be simply set into the designated slots, placing the heating element in the perfect position for optimal performance.
The juice well itself features a subtle concave shape, just enought to help funnel any excess juice towards the wick, decreasing the risk of dry hits, the bane of any vaper.
As well as the standard pre-installed 510 pin, we've also provided a specially designed BF 510 pin with two separate juice outlets that act to evenly distribute juice squonked into the atty for a more even wicking method.


24mm diameter
Ultra low-profile
Compatible with single coil builds
304 stainless steel and 6063 anodized aluminum construction
Two-post design w/ top-mounted hex screws
24K gold-plated deck for maximum conductivity and an elegant aesthetic
First of its kind dual adjustable 9 inlet cyclonic airflow
Locking barrel sleeve
Coil alignment grooves
Concave juice well direct juice towards wicks
Domed aluminum top cap
Gold-plated 510 pin and gold-plated split BF pin included


1x asMODus C4 BF 24mm RDA
2x Oni pre-built 0.2 ohm triple fused clapton coils
1x Allen key used for installing coils
1x Allen key for removing 510 pin
1x Gold-plated 510 pin
1x Gold-plated split BF 510 pin
1x Acrylic and stab wood 810 drip tip
1x Delrin snub-nosed 810 drip tip
1x Spare parts bag
1x User manual