A4 Smart Charger By Coil Master
A4 Smart Charger By Coil Master A4 Smart Charger By Coil Master A4 Smart Charger By Coil Master

Coil Master A4 charger is totally redesigned and dedicated for vapers. The unique housing structure makes extremely easy of removal and inputting of batteries .

Full range of protection features protect your batteries and the charging process . Maximum output 2 amp charging within a single slot will greatly speed up the charging process.

Coil Master A4 charger is a 4-battery-slot intelligent charger mainly used for charging most lithium batteries. It can process charging by monitoring the battery capacity automatically. Each 4-battery-slot charger is configured with four micro-computer processed charging slots. Thus, users can place corresponding type of batteries to perform recharging in every charging slot.


-Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously

-Each of the four battery slots monitors and charges Independently

-Optimized charging design for Flat head IMR batteries

-Compatible with small capacity batteries

-Automatically stops charging when complete

-Made from durable ABS(inherently fire/flame resistant)

-Redesigned slot mechanical structure could easily place and remove batteries

-Reverse polarity protection

-Designed for optimal heat dissipation

-Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC



– Input: DC5V, 6A

– Output: 4.2V DC(max)

– 2 Amp(max) 2nd & 3rd port

– 1 Amp(max) 1st & 4th port

– Housing material: ABS

– Dimension: 142 x 113 x 36mm

- Comes with a U.K. Plug power pack