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VR Stride 80W TC Regulated Mod By Asmodus


  • £58.99

The VR Stride is another great Vapor Range exclusive mod with a unique look and feel. The VR Stride features a marbleised exterior body for a smooth feel in your hand. The Stride also has amazingly responsive click back buttons which further enhance its high quality feel.
The VR Stride is packed full of features which are sure to impress any avid vaper. 3 clicks of the fire button will open up a menu which allows the user to fully customise their vaping experience. The following features are accessed from the main menu:

Overtime: Changes the maximum firing time (in seconds) that the device can be fired at any given time. This helps prevent over heating by fine tuning the duration that the mod can be fired.

Screen Set: Allows the user to set the time (in minutes) that the screen display stays on before entering sleep mode. The less time the screen spends on, the longer battery life the mod will have.

Mode Set: Changes which mode the mod will fire in depending on the wire type you are using. The following modes are available: Soft, Power, Bypass, Temp Ni, Temp Ti, and Temp SS

Puffs Info: Notes the amount of and duration of puffs taken from the device. The information can be reset by accessing this option in the menu
Temp Power: Allows the user to set the wattage of the device while using temperature control mode. Can be adjusted from 1.0 - 80.0 watts

Font Colour: Changes the font colour of the main screen and of the menus. The following color options are available: White. green, violet, and yellow

Background: Changes the background colour of the main screen and menus. The following color options are available: Black, blue, and pink

Product Specifications:-----
Output power range: 5.0 - 80.0 watts
Continuous output current: 15 - 20 amps
Atomiser resistance range (power modes): 0.1 - 3.0 ohms
Atomiser resistance range (temperature modes): 0.1 - 0.5 ohm
Battery input voltage range: 3.3 - 4.2 volts
Conversion efficiency of 93%
Bright screen current: 0.3mA
Shutdown current: 0.3mA

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