VCP (Piglet) Mechanical Mod By Vaperzcloud
VCP (Piglet) Mechanical Mod By Vaperzcloud VCP (Piglet) Mechanical Mod By Vaperzcloud VCP (Piglet) Mechanical Mod By Vaperzcloud VCP (Piglet) Mechanical Mod By Vaperzcloud VCP (Piglet) Mechanical Mod By Vaperzcloud

Presenting the VCP Box Mod by Vaperzcloud. The VCP Mod, a.k.a. Piglet, is a series box mod with an anodised black and red design. It requires two 18650 batteries that are kept in brass battery housing and connect to copper contacts. The batteries operate in series and generate 8.4 volts. The Vaperzcloud VCP Mod has side button activation for ease of use.

VCP Box MOD specifications & features:-----
* Material: Aluminium + Brass
* Housing dual 18650 batteries (sold separately)

18650 High Amp Batteries HERE
* Series Box MOD, voltage will be doubled as opposed to the mAh
* 510 thread
* Copper contact
* Outputs 8.4v on fully charged batteries
* Recommended lowest resistance of coil for use on this box MOD is 0.4 Ohm
* Batteries MUST NOT be placed the same orientation (++ one end, -- the other), as this will short out the device

VCP (Piglet) Box MOD kit contents:------
1× VCP Box MOD clone
1× User Manual
1× Packaging Box

Notes:-Vapers need pay attention to li-ion cells when vaping.the batteries very sensitive to charging characteristics
and may explode or burn if vapers must have enough knowledge of li-ion batteries in charging,
discharging and assembly before use.please use the fire-proof surface battery charger,
never leave charging battery unattended.
`The Vapour Bar` will not responsible for damage for human reason or mishandling of li-ion batteries and chargers.
the device always recommend work with rechargeable lithium ion IMR batteries with min output current 20A or higher.

The `Vapour Bar` will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, defect,
permanent or temporary that may be caused by the improper use of li-ion battery.
please have a basic knowledge of batteries.

This Item is a unregulated "Series" Mod and you must have full understanding of this fact and we at The Vapour Bar` will assume once you have paid for this item that you have such knowledge of this fact . Please do not buy if you have no experience of using unregulated "series" mods. `The Vapour Bar` is not in any way responsible for any miss-use once the item is out of its box.

There is no off switch to this mod so please do not put into pocket / handbag or anywhere if there is a chance of the mod being switched on unintentionally .