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Paranormal DNA 250c By Lost Vape

Lost Vape

  • £124.99

Paranormal DNA250C is the latest edition of the Paranormal platform equipped with Evolv’s highly advanced DNA250C chipset.

New to the Paranormal is the functions of DNA250C which made it upgraded to a highly sophisticated level. The most impressive function is called REPLAY which allows vapers to select, save, and replay their favorite flavor puff. The On-the-Go function of DNA250C allows Paranormal DNA250C to act like a emergency power bank.


Powered By Evolv DNA 250C Board

Output Power 1-200Watts

Dual 18650 Batteries

Dimensions: 91.5mm*55mm*27.5mm


Main features:


— A feature that allows vapers to select/tune their own perfect puff and save to replay it over and over.

1) More flavorful than temp control, prevent overheating the coils or dry hits

2) Consistent flavor delivery and vapor production. Instant flavor and vapor.

3) Wider options in viable coils:

nickel 200, SS, Titanium indivudually,

combinations of temp-sensing coils (Ti wrap with SS),

combinations of temp-sensing & non-sensing coils (eg. Kanthal wrap with Ti)

no need to build spaced coils, no limitation for coil building (clapton, alien coil or any touching coil will be viable)


USB On-The-Go

–This feature allows the Paranormal DNA250C to act like a power bank for emergency charging to your mobile devices and other vaping devices



-To briefly increase the initial power output at the start of a puff. This can be useful to allow higher mass coils to reach the point where they produce vapor quicker.

–The Boost value is adjustable from 1 to 11.


-Gun Metal(main body colour)-chopped Carbon Fibre(side panel)-Black Grey Kevlar(battery sleeve)

-Gun Metal(main body colour)-Black Grey kevlar(both side panel and battery sleeve)


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