Once Upon A Lime 80ml By Blow White short fill UK

Once Upon A Lime 80ml By Blow White


Chapter Four,

With zesty tangy notes of lemon & lime sorbet, velvet vanilla ice cream & crumbled butter cookies.


Once upon a time, in a seaside town far far away, Three Little Chemists came together to create a vaping experience like no other.  Working hard night and day to concoct a secret brew that some would say only magic could produce.  The wicked taste tester soaked his coil, and then proclaimed "THIS JUICE IS THE TASTIEST OF THEM ALL!".  Then all the vapers of the land, rejoiced in the launching of this brand.  And Blow White vaped happily ever after. ~THE END~


Vape Happily Ever After.



Standard Tip & Precision Needle Tip

80ml of Juice in a 110ml Bottle

0/1/2 or 3 x 10ml, 18mg Nic Shots Included

74% VG / 26% PG, Expertly Tailored for MAX Flavour & Clouds

Sub Ohm Vaping & Cloud Chasing 

ADV / All Day Vape

Made in the UK


Nicotine Strength - Nic Shot Guidelines

For Low Nicotine [1.5mg] simply add 1 Nic Shot into the bottle

For Med Nicotine [3mg] simply add 2 Nic Shots into the bottle

For High Nicotine [4.5mg] simply add 3 Nic Shots into the bottle


This product is a 110ml bottle with 80ml of 0mg juice in, leaving enough room for nic shots to be added 

Click HERE for nic shots.