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Magneto 2 Telescopic Mechanical Mod By Smok


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SMOK has really demonstrated its desire to remain highly competitive in the race to create the next best ecig device, with their release of the all-new Magneto II MOD. This version is shorter than the original version, includes an adjustable center pin to allow for use with all 510 clearomizers and atomisers. Floating pins are located on both the negative and positive pins to ensure that all types of batteries (button top/flat top) will fit properly and make a strong connection. When using voltage drop testing, the magneto II has outperformed many other high end mods on the market. And finally not forgetting the new magnetic bottom switch which will alway behave the same compared to a spring.

SMOKtech Magneto II Features:
• Solid Stainless Steel Construction
• Telescopic MOD
• Fully Mechanical
• Adjustable Centre Pin to allow for use with many different Tanks and Clearomizers
• Can Use 18350 and 18650 Batteries
• Lockable Bottom Button
• 510/eGo Connection
• Fully Magnetic Switch
• Brass contacts for excellent conductivity
• 3 Large Air Holes for Adequate Ventilation

This mod does not come supplied with batteries. IMR batteries are recommended.

This revolutionary mod uses a magnetic switch. This means of instead of using a spring the Magneto uses magnets. Inside the switch there are 2 magnets, with the poles facing each other. This creates resistance to emulate a spring, but without a spring to wear out, so the mod will last longer.

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