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E-Gear 1300mAh Variable Voltage Battery By Vision


  • £29.99

The X.Fir E-Gear 1300mAh variable voltage battery is built specially for those that prefer switching voltage levels directly with their thumb from the top of the battery (as opposed to a spinner dial on the bottom). The voltage adjustment button is also the power button - very convenient and easy to use.


Made from stainless steel, the 1300mAh X.Fir E-Gear offers a very wide choice of voltages to choose from, with levels between 3V - 5V. The LED display on the bottom shows the selected voltage level and remaining power. The X.Fir E-Gear is beautifully finished with a scratch resistant coating.


Length: 137mm

Diameter: 18mm

Compatibility: 510/eGo

Voltage: 3V to 5V

Power: 1300mAh


The X.Fir E-Gear is equipped with an upgraded spring thread specifically designed to achieve perfect contact for both eGo and 510 threaded atomizers/clearomizers. The battery is activated/deactivated by pressing the button five times very rapidly. The X.Fir will automatically turn off when a short is detected; it will also turn off if the button is kept pressed for more than 10 seconds and warns for low voltage, all of which offers additional safety.

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